Discover iconic moments

50 years of haircare creativity. As part of women’s lives. Of legendary products. Of useful innovation. And still a step ahead.

50 years of fundamental research and a special form of scientific talent that can be seen and felt in every produt.

50 years that Kérastase has put its expertise in service of women to bring out the beauty of every women's hair. A true gift.

60’s - 70’s:
The Kérastase Revolution

Kérastase distinguishes itself from other brands

Throughout its history, Kérastase has accompanied the liberation of women. In the effervescent 60’s, the freedom of a new profession linked to the science of haircare emerges.

60’s - 70’s:<br>The Kérastase Revolution

THE 1960’S

François Dalle, CEO of L’Oréal and a man of shrewd vision, had the idea of a true in-salon haircare service for every woman. A bold move that swept away the rather basic products of a bygone era. The revolution is underway. Goodbye to the simple “curl and set” and make way for the intelligence of targeted formulas that care for the very nature of the hair, with real solutions to real problems.

All that is above and beyond just curling, setting or colouring, it’s about hair fibre that is strong and proud! Starting in 1967, Kérastase takes the experience further. The products are now available for retail sale in salons and supported by the verve and enthusiasm of stylist/advisors.


Light pop music makes room for the disillusionment of rebellious rock. This is the time of the oil crisis as well as the time when our form of modernity emerges. Men’s hairstyles get longer and women’s hairstyles are inspired by trends started in England by Vidal Sassoon. Kérastase gives its products a less “pharmaceutical” positioning and launches a line for men centered on their particular issues: hair loss and dandruff.