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50 years of haircare creativity. As part of women’s lives. Of legendary products. Of useful innovation. And still a step ahead.

50 years of fundamental research and a special form of scientific talent that can be seen and felt in every produt.

50 years that Kérastase has put its expertise in service of women to bring out the beauty of every women's hair. A true gift.

Kérastase's 50th Anniversary

1987: the birth of an iconic collection, Soleil

In 1987, Kérastase created the first sun care range specifically designed to protect the hair.

Kérastase's 50th Anniversary

Prolonged sun exposure can lead to severe degradation of the hair. Hence why during summer your hair needs additional care. Kérastase introduced the "Soleil" collection which offered customised sun care products to protect the hair fibre.

Sensual and highly innovative, Soleil harbours the latest scientific research. Mineral oils and vegetable wax to protect the hair fibre from water, while the photo-defence filter protects your hair from the harmful UV rays.