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50 years of haircare creativity. As part of women’s lives. Of legendary products. Of useful innovation. And still a step ahead.

50 years of fundamental research and a special form of scientific talent that can be seen and felt in every produt.

50 years that Kérastase has put its expertise in service of women to bring out the beauty of every women's hair. A true gift.

Celebrating 50 years of divine transformation

Kérastase women are at the centre of every hair care regime

Combining the finest technology with the brand’s unique haircare artistry and performed by top-level professionals, the Kérastase hair care regime is a comprehensive beauty care experience, both inner and outer beauty. A routine designed to reveal a woman's natural beauty, create emotions and awaken sensations.

Celebrating 50 years of divine transformation


A unique ritual. Kérastase created a customised 3-step beauty routine: bath, care and texturise with carefully-conceived methods to beautify the hair.


The first step in the routine, with a specific product for every hair type, each with a meltingly soft texture and subtle fragrance. The appropriate product is applied while the scalp is massaged to stimulate vital functions and awaken the senses.


Treat the hair with targeted, high-performance products that take in-depth action. The transformation is felt as soon as the application begins. Vigor and sumptuous body are lastingly restored to the hair.


The third and final step of the regimen, the application of a no-rinse product leaves the hair fibre with a beautiful finish. This step offers effective protection and amazing shine while perfectly preparing the hair for blow drying or styling.

These simple steps constitute a targeted, in-salon treatment which establishes a haircare routine that women can do at-home with Kérastase products.