Masque Sensidote Dermo-calm

Soothing Calming Masque for Sensitive Scalp.

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Sensidote Dermo-Calm Masque is enriched with Mentha P. for an instant soothing action.

Light on the scalp, it also gives suppleness and softness to the hair with non-greasy effect and natural finish. 



Apply the mask on the scalp section by section for an equal distribution. Massage the  product for a deep penetration. Spread to the length. Leave-in 3 to 5 minutes, rinse-out.



  • ▪ MENTHA P: Also know as Peppermint, Mentha P., is used in traditional pharmacopeia as an anti-spasmodic and an inflammatory ingredient. 

  • ▪ SALIX N: Recognized for its soothing properties, Salix n. comes from willow extract, one of the most important natural ingredients used in the formulation of aspirin. 

  • ▪ GLYCERIN: Molecula extracted from vegetal oils, Glycerin has a triple calming power. It is able to hydrate, soothe and protect the scalp from external aggressions.

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