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Men's Corner

While our products are not gender-specific, we know men have unique preferences for certain hair and scalp results. Here is a curated selection of products specially adored by our male clients.

Men's Corner Article - Bain-Div lent - Spécifique - 250ml - Kérastase

Bain Divalent

Bain Divalent, a shampoo to treat oily roots, helps regulate overproduction of sebum, while cleansing and purifying the scalp.The hair fiber is treated to regain softness and shine.



Men's Corner Article - Cure Densifique Homme - Densité - 30-6ml - Kérastase

Cure Densifique Homme

Cure Densité Homme is a scalp treatment for Men hair visibly lacking density. This hair density and fullness programme restores thicker looking hair.


30 x 6ml

Men's Corner Article - Bain Prévention - Spécifique - 250ml - Kérastase

Bain Prévention

Bain Prévention is a hair loss prevention shampoo with stimulating properties to boost hair fiber production, thicken the hair fiber and bring immediate volume.



Men's Corner Article - Cure Anti-Chute - Spécifique - 30-6ml - Kérastase

Cure Anti-Chute

A 6-week treatment to visibly reduce hair loss and hair thinning. A concentrated cure with proven highly performing results.


30 x 6ml

Men's Corner Article - Bain Riche Dermo Calm - Spécifique - 250ml - Kérastase

Bain Riche Dermo-Calm

This hypoallergenic soothing shampoo purifies and treats the sensitive scalp while nourishing dry hair. The scalp is removed of impurities while hair feels soft and nourished.



Men's Corner Article - Bain Vital Dermo Calm - Spécifique - 250ml - Kérastase

Bain Vital Dermo-Calm

This cleansing soothing shampoo moisturizes and purifies the scalp to calm irritation and inflamation. It leaves the hair with a feeling of lightness while the scalp is rid of itchiness and discomfort.



Men's Corner Article - Cure Apaisante - Spécifique - 30-6ml - Kérastase

Cure Apaisante

A concentrated 4-week treatment to sooth scalp discomforts such as itchiness, irritation or inflamation for instant results.


30 x 6ml

Men's Corner Article - Bain Anti-Pelliculaire - Specifique - 250ml - Kérastase

Bain Anti-Pelliculaire

The Bain Anti-Pelliculaire removes and treats the scalp preventing the recurrence of dry or oily dandruff for 8 consecutive weeks.



Men's Corner Article - Cure Anti-Pelliculaire - Spécifique - 30-6ml - Kérastase

Cure Anti-Pelliculaire

A concentrated 4-week anti-dandruff treatment to treat and prevent flaking, itching and redness for lasting and visible results.


30 x 6ml

Men's Corner Article - Bain Densité Homme - Densifique - 120ml - Kérastase

Bain Densité Homme

Bain Densité is a daily shampoo to treat men's hair in loss of density. A strong hold treatment adapted to short hair leaving hair looking thicker and fuller.




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